How to: Have your cake and eat it too!

Remember how I said I was boycotting dieting? I’m still doing that. And how I said everything becomes a lot more urgent when you’ve got a deadline? Still procrastinating.

My mother didn’t visit yesterday, but she said she’d bring my bunad today. And as I am procrastinating, and we’ve got a big day coming up…  A little blogging can’t really hurt. And I do like baking up a little summat once in a while, so when a friend said she was going to make a cake for May 17th in case people would drop by her place rather than stuffy cafés I sort of hijacked her  plans and offered to try for one meself and bring it by before the big day.

Oh, and if you weren’t aware, that’s the birthday of singer Andrea Corr of The Corrs, my favourite band ever. Really looking forward to her sister Sharon’s next album. We dress up in nice clothes, preferably the bunad of choice, that’s a folk costume, and do parades and get together for a celebration. Not the lead vokalist of an Irish band, though. It’s the Norwegian Constitution Day.

Anyway’s the cake looks about right, had to do it yesterday, as I’ve got a session to attend tonight after work, and won’t be home ’till past pumpkin-time. The recipe is one I got from a tea-house in the city center, I’ll do a post on it later on. Hopefully I got the taste right as well. The crust wouldn’t stick to the the walls of the mould, though, so it’s probably fairly thick. But, Hey! It’s my first go at making this.

So. How to have your cake and eat it too? Make it yerself!


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