The power of the blending brush

Strange how everything else suddenly becomes that much more urgent whenever you”ve got a deadline. My deadline is next Wednesday, and I’m supposed to be writing a draft for an exam. But I’ve got nothing. No inspiration, no energy, I just want to do my makeup and watch Bones on Netflix. Aaand seeing as I’m meeting with my mother later on I’ve got at least an excuse to do my makeup. I’m really not feeling spring right now, though. The surrounding mountains are covered in snow and it’s a cloudy day in the Paris of the North, sooo I’m just going with a muted daytime smokey eye.

Yesterday I went by The Body Shop and got a little treat for meself, a hand cream, and a sample of ther Vitamin E series’ BB cream, and today I’m giving it a go. It’s a lot thicker than my UD Naked Skin, and more of a beige colour rather than orange. Not much coverage, though, just a slightly more even tone to my skin. I’m not sold on it though. Yet. We’ll see how it does over the next couple of days.

SAMSUNG CSCThe colours I’m playing with today are from UD’s Vice palette. Namely Anonymous, Laced, Desperation and Rapture. Anonymous is pretty much a bone-coloured matte shade. Laced is a pink beige with a slightly greyish tinge. Also a matte. As is Desperation, a dark grey with a hint of brown. Rapture is a sparkly, to my eye, duochrome changing between lavender and grey. The sparkles are too big for to be called shimmer, but if you’re familiar wit UD’s micro gltter you’ll find they are to small for that to be an adequate description. I’m just saying in case you want to use similar shades, and you’ll do well using a lavender shimmer instead. SAMSUNG CSC

Now, as usual, I’ve applied a base of UDPP Eden and started off with the lightest shades. Rather than an all over wash, though, I’ve applied Anonymous on the browbone and in the socket where I’ve blended it with Laced, which I’ve also applied to the moving lid. Next I’ve taken Desperation on a small brush and applied it in the crease and along the outer lashline, creating a v-shape at the outer end.

SAMSUNG CSCAaaaand blend. Then blend some more. And  little bit more.

Anonymous applied at the inner corner of the eye, and Laced along the lower lash line, before topping it off with Rapture. I’ve also applied Rapture along the upper lashline. SAMSUNG CSC

Now, a little trick that’s become more popular in recent times, just to add a bit of warmth, because you’ll find these are fairly cool-toned shades, is merely to lighly dust some blush on your lids to add warmth. I’ve done this a lot using a small brush at the edges of my contouring shades, but for this look I just dusted my blusher of choice, Dior’s Coral Glow, using a light hand on top of everything.

SAMSUNG CSCClarins Instant Light Brush-on Perfector applied under the eyes, Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder to the middle of the face, Dior’s Coral glow at the outer edges and for contouring, and UD’s Lip Junkie in Naked2. And of course, Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara. Love that stuff.


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