The lude in deluded?

SAMSUNG CSCOr have I invested in another HG product? Either way, I’m happy, so leave me be – with my bottle of Flexi Spray by Swedish brand Hårologi. It’s a leave-in treatment spray with lots of treats for your hair with UV protetion and volumizing and moisturizing qualities. The only thing it doesn’t promise is longer hair and heat-protection, the lack of the former being a slight downer.

The effects? Well, I can’t speak for your hair, and I can’t speak for Beyonce’s, which has been in the wind quite a lot, but on behalf of my own tresses, I LOVE it! Of course I might be delusional, but I do believe that ever snce I started using it, it’s made my hair look shiner and fuller, feel lighter, and definetely smoother and softer.

I use it every day, on wet or dry hair, and I don’t care whatever properties the bottle touts other than those I’ve listed, because this works. I’ve tried volumizing products, I’ve tried shine-enhancing products, but nothing‘s has this effect on my hair in a long time.

It looks shiny and healthy. Not bordering on greasy type of shiny, like I might get from Sebastian Trilliance unless I’m careful, or I suppose you might get from shine serums. Just naturally, healthy, nourished, “I eat all my veggies and fish, exercise by running through flowery meadows with my hair flowing behind me in the wind” kind of shiny.

Considering how my hair’s been fairly well-behaved when I’ve used three different styling products by Sebastian Professional, and shampoo and conditioner from the same brans, whereas Hårologi’s products really hadn’t done anything whenever I’ve tried ’em, I was somewhat sceptical when I bought this, thinking it was probably the proffesional blow-out more than the product.

Buuut I figured it wasn’t all that expensive considering the amount of product (250 ml), if only it would nourish my hair without any “visible” effects. It did more than expected, though, and it’s got me convinced, and in the future I might give other products from the brand another chance.

I should probably put the bottle away now because I’m itching to give my hair another round of this magic potion. Gah! It’s addictive!


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