And now for something different.

So it’s been a bit quiet lately on this end. Sorry ’bout that, it’s been quite busy at another. I’ve been working on yet another exam, I swear, this semester’s been nothing but. And working, and exercising, and babysitting… So, yeah, blogging’s sort of been left out of the equation.

Anyways, just thought I’d drop a note on how things are going here. Been having some really lovely weather of late, which suited me just fine, as I’ve been babysitting an alaska huskey while her “dad”‘s been off with work. It’s been going very well, she’s such a sweet, easygoing dog. Although overly fond of my nearly-empty shampoo bottles. They’re not nearly empty anymore. And there’s not much left resembling a bottle, really.

SAMSUNG CSCWe had my “nephew”, Tobby, over for a playdate. Luna wasn’t too pleased with the company, although Tobby was over the moon. He was instantly smitten by the dark-haired maiden visiting his auntie, and apparently has been mourning their parting since. In case yous were wondering, he too is a dog.

Today I got a text from another friend asking if I’d join her for a walk. We agreed upon her coming over after I’d been to the gym, and I’d bake us some buns as well. I had just finished ’em and set them to raise before I went to the gym, figuring as Luna had left the countertop alone thus far, they’d be safe. Upon returning an hour later, however, I had to call my friend telling her to take all the time she needed, as I had to make another batch. Luna had eaten it all. And unlike my UD bronzer, these buns weren’t baked. She’s been regretting it since.

SAMSUNG CSCNow, speaking of going to the gym, I went yesterday as well. I was just going to do a quick session before meeting with yet another friend of mine. So obviously I had to shower and do my makeup there. Not feeling my Naked Basics palette just then I settled for my UD Naked Skin, applied with fingertips, and then layered using UD’s optical blurring brush. Clarins Instant Light Brush-on Perfector’s become a staple along with Dior’s Coral Glow. I used a bit of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder as well, and patted on MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork. I used Everyday Minerals Brow Powder in Brown for a liner as well as filling in my brows, put on mascara… Everything chosen so as to create an easy, fresh look and fit neatly into my makeup bag.

I know, I know, a palette doesn’t take up much space and all that, but sometimes you only want one colour from this and one from that, and it’s just easier then to do something completely different.


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