Now, while I’m sure the right to getting a tattoo was not quite what philosopher’s touting the right to self-ownership had in mind, however the right to do so without being passed judgement upon is inherent in this. Even so, there’s still a stigma surrounding those who choose to “get inked”.

943550_10151381934296487_1275105384_nGot this pic on a FB page styled Tattoo acceptance in the workplace. This stylish lady lost her hair to alopecia and eventually decided to trade in her wigs and hats in favour of a tattoo. Fair play to her, I say.

Anyone who’s gotten a tattoo, however, has probably heard a version of the phrase “What will that look like when you’re old and wrinkly?”. I can just hear people telling this lovely lady “What d’you think that will look like when you’re 80?”.

You see, in spite of my own tattoo being almost five years old, and in a place that’s hardly ever visible, my relatives seem to think it their solemn duty to criticise me for getting it every summer when I’m visiting. And every summer it’s as though they see it for the first time. Mind you, m mother actually had to point it out to my grandmother when I first got it before she even noticed.

Nevermind that I’m doing well in Uni, that I’ve had up to five jobs at once while studying, that I exercise regularly, that I’m social, that they hardly ever see me (or my tattoo), or that it’s my body. It bothers them.

You don’t hear anyone with tattoos placing criticism upon those who don’t for not having tattoos. Anyone who gets one are aware that it’s a lifelong commitment, lest they want to spend more time and money in order to get it removed than it cost to get it in the first place. Even so, we’re the ones considered to be  rash – irresponsible – stupid – rebellious – uncivilized – troublesome – impulsive – trash – tramps – gangmembers – bikers – other*

If I were to write another bachelorpaper I’d do one on predjudices and stereotypes related to tattoos.

* feel free to post “your” stereotype in comments.


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