In the Nude


That is… the Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Coral Glow. This is my first Dior product, and I’m in love. The velvet pouch, the little ‘buki brush in t’s little protecting velvet holster, the BEAUTIFUL quilt-patterned compact. The contents are lovely too. Oh, and it keeps through a piece of cake and a weight-lifting session at the gym as well.SAMSUNG CSC

Which incidentally my waves that I got using my Gorgeous (that’s the brand) Curl wand did too. And my hair rarely holds a curl, especially when I haven’t applied setting spray afterwards.

Anyways, back to the blush/bronzer. It’s two bronzer shades and two coral pinks divided into quarters. There’s a slight shimmer, the corals are simply glowing. Soooo pretty.SAMSUNG CSC

Sorry this review is cut short. Have to keep gushing over the most luxurious compact I’ve ever seen. Prettyprettypretty….


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