What Went on in the Back Room


I got to play makeup artist the other day, which is something I used to do all the time during my first years of uni. I was often seen at pre-parties either dragging some poor girl with me into the bathroom for a makeover, or with my wineglass in one hand and a brush in the other working my… erm… magic. No alkohol involved this time, though.

We had a little event at the shopping centre where I work in the evening, with a small catwalk show, giving clothing stores the opportunity to showcase some of their products on models – that is to say more or less willing employees at the centre. I’d been mentally preparing for doing my colleagues for about two weeks, and then on the morning I got a text saying one girl had fallen ill, so if I could step in. I hadn’t been to reharsal or anything, so I said “Sure”.

So I lugged a backpack of tools and stash to work, left it in the back and set to trying selected outfits and shoes. I fell in love with a textile wannabe suede pair with studs, but no such luck as actually getting to wear them.

After two hours of running back and forth and then, actually doing some work the other girls came in. And they looked exhausted – to such a degree that I didn’t have the nerve to photograph them before I set to. I wanted something natural, neutral and fresh, so I figured “awake” eyemakeup, with some Ardell individuals at the outer corners and a pop of blush (I’ve bought my first ever Dior product, with the new legislation and all regarding animal testing).

Then things got serious. Or not.

SAMSUNG CSCI put up my stash, and for some reason the others couldn’t imagine whatever I might be needing 50 brushes for. My boss said she’s maybe got two. I laughed it off though and set to working.

The girls didn’t have any foundation with them, and I didn’t have the right shade and coverage for ’em, so I didn’t get quite the effect I wanted. And running short on time, I checked their makeup in my camera, and sent them off to do their own mascara.SAMSUNG CSC It was my first time ever putting falsies on others, and that along with time… well… After we got dressed I really, really, really wanted to pluck ’em off one of the girls and start over. Don’t think the audience noticed though.

SAMSUNG CSCLeastways I like to think they didn’t.


All photos used with permission.


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