A surprising Heat Wave recently hit town.

SAMSUNG CSCI was having a look through the beautydepartment when Smashbox’s Heat Wave palette caught my eye. Ten shades in a beautiful silver shade with a huge mirror and a double-ended brush. For the next couple of hours I contemplated back and forth, comparing it to my Urban Decay Naked palettes. It’s slighly larger than UD’s six-pan build your own palettes, and sooo pretty. Eventually an exhausted bf told me in words heavy with exasperation “Just go buy it.” And I did, feeling a twinge of guilt on the way from the store, considering how alike it was to my Nakeds. I’ve included a photo of swatches I did on a piece of paper, using coulours that at first glance seemed similar. Turned out they were quite different in texture and appearance. SAMSUNG CSC

First of all, the formulas are very different, and I find Smashbox to have a drier texture, and in general isn’t as frosted as many UD shades.

Pigmentation is very good from both, though upon application I find Smashbox to slightly more transparent by comparison. All in all, it’s not a must if you’ve already got a Naked palette, which also are better for darker looks, but if you have got neither and you don’t use very intense makeup you’ll be better off with the Smashbox.

The shades are very user friendly, and it’s hard to apply too much. and if you do, blend, blend, blend. Top row from left to right consists of a matte orange peach which is too dark for fair skin to use as a highliter or all-over colour, while darker skintones could probably do so with success. next is a super soft, shimmery brown, the kind you could slap on in a sec before running out the door. There’s also a lovely matte brown that doubles as a bronzer, and next to it there’s a peach rose gold that doubles as a shimmery blush or highlighter for darker skintones than mine. The last shade on the top row is a copper-gold, with only a little less orange than UDs Half Baked.

SAMSUNG CSCBottom row leans cooler, with a shimmery, light peach chamagne shade. It’s hard to describe the colour in pan, but it swatches frosty and fairly traslucent, so great for inner eye and highlighting. The next colour reminds me a lot of UDs Pistol, but swatches more opaque. It’s a pewter gray with a green tinge that I do love, and it’s very smooth. The middle shade is a steely blue gray, followed up with a mauve taupe. This shade, along with the rose gold and the champagne was one of the big selling points for me. I really haven’t got anything like that in my collection, and that’s saying a lot. Finally there’s a satiny chocolate brown. It’s a lovely shade, but I do wish it’d apply slightly more opaque. On the other hand, this makes it easier to avoid raccoon eyes.

Colour-wise a great neutral palette wether you’re a novice or an addict. I can’t speak for professionals, but when I’m prepping my co-workers for the catwalkshow at the mall  the coming week, I’m bringing the Heat Wave as well.

SAMSUNG CSCI do have one complaint, and that is the brush. I am not impressed. It seems flimsy, the hairs are uneven and rough on the skin around the eyes. From a brand that I’d heard so much about before it launched here last year, I’d expected more.

The packaging states shadows can be used wet and dry, but I’ve a preference for using eyeshadows dry with a primer. Incidentally there’s a sample included, and while it’s a good product I’ve had an allergic reaction to it at an earlier occasion, so I’ll be sticking with my UDPP.

All in all, I’m fairly pleased with this little beauty, and will be using it a lot.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ryannelau says:

    That looks amazing 🙂 its on my wish list!


  2. sirilovise says:

    Just remember to bring your own brush, and have fun with it all. They’ve got a lip gloss kit as well, and it looks like it’ll be great on tan skin. Unfortunately I’m afraid I’ll have an allergic reaction as I’ve had one before with Smashbox’s glosses, so I’ll have to try to steer clear of those. We’ll see how long I’ll be able to resist temptation for, though.

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