I’ve got a package


It was all over the papers how the police and teeny boppers were preparing for a guy called Dusty Beaver or something like it coming to Norway. I really didn’t get the hoo-ha, but they all seemed very excited. Almost as excited as me when a package arrived in the mail. Norway’s a good country to live in, I hear, but makeup-wise, it’s the middle of Nowhere. So in order to get my hands on the lovely Ambient Lghting Powder by Hourglass that I’ve been reading about I had to send a friend in London shopping. They were sold out on Dim light, but she managed to get diffused light, and wheeeeeee am I happy. Look-see! Look-see!

SAMSUNG CSCThe packaging’s real pretty, simple and exclusive-looking, although I was expecting slightly more heft to the compact. The colour’s a very pale yellow, reminds me a bit of Clinique’s redness solution powder that a friend of mine’s got, although I think that one’s a matte with more yellow to it. This one’s got a satiny sheen to it, and if heavily swatched it looks more a white yellow shade. You’re not supposed to do that, though. Hourglass has released a brush especially designed for this beauty, but I have my priorities, so I’ll have a go at it with several different brushes, and see which I prefer. SAMSUNG CSC

I am too biased too tell whether it actually “conceals redness and gives skin clarity – like a soft ray of morning light (Hourglass Cosmetics), it did nothing to even out the redness from my acne, but I think it has a diffusing effect. I can tell you, however, don’t buy this! You’ll be wanting to touch your skin all the time while wearing it. It’s that soft on the skin. And feels sooooo exclusive.

I love it when there’s actually something useful in the mail.


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