Holistic beauty

It’s been a while now since my last post. I suppose writing that exam drained me somewhat. I wasn’t entirely happy with the finshed results, but if the exam committee is, that’s what matters. So here’ s to hoping. As you may have found I take a holistic view to beauty, it’s about so much more than merely looking good. Who haven’t met a person who’s totally gorg until he or she opened their mouth? Or haven’t seen somebody who looked a bt down and out and thought “If only you’d smile”?

SAMSUNG CSCBeauty is in those little things that make you happy. For instance, I really like snuggling up inside a huge alpaca wool blanket that I bought in Ecuador with a cup of tea or coffee (preferably Nicaraguan) with a bit of chocolate or fudge on the side and a good book or a Disney movie. It’s in the feeling you get when you’re doing something right, like surfing. It’s in the exploration of the written word and in a bouquet of flowers.

And it’s in friendships. And I’ve got to say, I am particularly privileged in my friends. SAMSUNG CSC

One of my friends joined me for Beautybay’s blindfold challenge, where we had to film one another while doing the other’s makeup wearing a blindfold. We didn’t win, but it was fun anyhow. Another joined me for surfing lessons in Bundoran, Ireland. Another sat by my before and waited for me to finish the oral part of my Bachelor’s exam. She had SAMSUNG CSCeven brought pastries. And if I were to list everything my friends have done for or with me, I’d never get around to actually post this, so let’s just leave it at this; Good friends don’t let you do stupid things…. Alone.

However, if you can call up a friend and say let’s go for a run with the dogs, and he’ll pick you up and you’ll go for a ride then you’re truly lucky. That’s what I did today. We’d been talking of doing this for a while, and agreed on a trade. He got pastries, he’d pick up me and my bf and take us out on the sled. We were joined by a friend of his and his pack of dogs, so we paired up, two to each sled, and we were off. Mind you, those were some real beauties I got to meet. I’d met some of them before, even babysat one and will do so again while the owner was away. You hear people talk about the world’s sweetest, nicest, kindest, whateverest dog, but she really is.SAMSUNG CSC

Anyways, while I haven’t got any good pics of her for yous to see here, I can tell you I did have a good time. I even got to have a go at steering the sled.

All in all… Great craic. Really made this a beautiful day. SAMSUNG CSC

What non-cosmetic “elements” beautifies your life?


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