Good morning, lovelies. There’s coffee on the stove and this is what Barbie looks like without makeup.

The sun is shining on approximately 1,5 metres of snow, so not even close to the old record yet, but as far as I’m concerned a good reason to stay under the blankets for another two months. But no. I had to get up early in order to get some work done on my paper before hading to… well, work. So after a lot of groaning on my part and a lot of noise from the bf as he tried to wake me, I got up, made myself a cuppa black stuff (not Guinness, obv.) and got into my routine of checking emails and bloglovin. That’s when the London Beauty Queen directed my attention to a picture that’s been circulating the web.


Apparently the paparazzis (or the artist, Eddie Aguirre) have finally been able to get a picture of Barbie without makeup! And I’m not ashamed to admit it; This makes me feel a lot better about those before-shots of mine that I sometimes do for tutorials. Thankfully, I actually get to decide whether or not to share those pictures with the world.

How do you feel about yerselves and yer looks in the morning?


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