Work in progress: Have a look

So, I’ve finally started putting my thoughts on the Northern Ireland conflict down in text, and not a day too soon. I am looking to do a paper on the Trubles in light of theories on forms of violence, limiting this to Galtung, Bourdieu and Foucault. We’ll have to see how it gets on, though. I tend to start out with great ambitions, only to reduce it down to one theory.

Now, doing this, to me anyways, also means giving the reader some degree of insight into the background for “The Troubles”. Have a look.

While the beginning of “The Irish Problem” dates back to the Normans landing in Ireland in 1169, placing parts of Ireland under English rule, it was to take roughly another 400 years before England were to gain complete control after defeating the Irish in Ulster. Pre dating these events people had been travelling to and fro between Ireland and Scotland. Now however, we see an inclination to what was later to be known as the concept of “divide and rule”, as the English in order to control the newly won province confiscated the land and gave it to Scottish farmers ( Downloaded 03.04.13). English settlers were also granted land, English whom under the rule of the Protestant Queen Elisabeth was encouraged to look upon the native Irish and their Catholic conviction as inferiors. Thus, even then, the Catholics and the Protestants came to regard themselves as largely separate entities (McKittrick, McKenna, 2012), especially in the Ulster province in the north-east. Herein lies much of the background for “the Troubles” of modern Northern Ireland from its “birth” in 1920 when Westminster passed the Government of Ireland Act, granting Home Rule in the twenty-six southern counties, while establishing a separate parliament for the six counties remaining (McKittrick, McKenna, 2012); Antrim, Armagh, Down, Londonderry, Fermanagh and Tyrone. 

As I’m not writing a complete history of Northern Ireland, and I have limited space and time, I can only hope to provide some main lines and that they will suffice. After all, the main body of my paper should focus on the theories on violence rather than the events leading up to it.

Hope yous like it.


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