Brushed and Dried.

After my rant on unfair paychecks, it’s time for something airheaded, like a must-have/lust-have post, or I might risk seeming bright and intelligent, and completely blow my cover.

never understood what all the noise was about when I first heard of Tangle Teezer. It looked like the brush I used for my dog, and wasn’t really for me. The years went by, and then the last time I freshed up my previous haircolour, before going red, my hairdresser took a Tangle Teezer to my hair. It felt a bit weird, but in a good way. I figured it was merely her skills and the products used that sort out all those pesky knots. And I left it at that. Then upon my last visit a sporadic friend was seated opposite me, the daughter of the salon’s owner, and she asked the girl who’d washed her hair if she could use the Tangle Teezer. In seconds her hair was straightened out. I put a little bit more thought into it, but nothing more. Then as I was walking by a store yesterday I saw they had a 30% discount. I picked up a Tangle Teezer for myself, and I’m telling you, I’m telling you! My hair hasn’t been this smooth since my last visit to the hairdresser. Definite must-have!

mini-mainNow, what could I be lusting after this week? I cleansed my brushes last night, using a disinfectant, but I really prefer using plain shampoo and water. Problems? I don’t like having my brushes lying flat to dry. And it takes up quite a lot of space. I saw this from Benjabelle today though, one for the small brushes, one for the larger. Genius! Me Wants!


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