Hey Daisy, darling

Hey Daisy darling
Don’t take it all as read
Why don’t you ask a few more questions instead?
I know you think that everyone should be paid what they’re due
But there are people in this world who don’t think like you do
They don’t think like you do

– K. Polwart, Daisy

I wasn’t going to blog for a while, but then I did. And I wasn’t going to write about Northern Ireland, but now I think me I will. And I was never ever going to even mention the politics of today. Ever. I was going to keep this as light and fluffy as my gigantic Everyday Minerals Powder Brush. But now I can’t help myself. I got into a bit of a discussion with my BF the other day. Please lend me your ears, because he wouldn’t even let me finish a sentence before continuing his rant, even though we’re both opinionated on the matter and we’re of the same opinion, if we express ourselves in different phrasing. He works in a nursery, the same in which I worked for about a year, and me a student at Uni as well, so obviously neither one of us can be neutral in regards to the matter of paychecks. Anyways, he came in one afternoon after work, scandaled.

Now, the reason behind the rant that was to follow shouldn’t come as a surprise; There are some people in this world as makes more money in a year than is likely any one of us will ever make, more money than you’d need to buy a house. And he couldn’t fathom whatever these people might be doing that might be worth that much? Whatever they might be doing that they’re even in need of those amounts of money?

Personally, I’ll be more than pleased if I’ll ever earn enough to pay off my debt, acquired as a result of my wanting to study.

Now, like I said, he works in a nursery. This is considered a low status trade. As is being a teacher. And a nurse for that matter, but while that helps me making my point which I will get to eventually, it’s also slightly besides the point. When I started working at a clothing store I was paid more by the hour than in the nursery school. Four years in, I had a month in which my paycheck, and mind you, I wasn’t working full-time, came close to what I was paid monthly at the nursery after the deduction of taxes.

As usual  digress, but here comes the point I’m trying to make. What do these trades have in common?

The employees within these fields of work don’t handle heavy machinery, huge files, important sales and such. They handle humanbeings. Every day thay handle someone’s feeling of self worth, self esteem, someone with an intelligence and a voice. They help live human beings develop and learn. They do their utmost to improve the day to day life of someone to whom they have no relation for the sole reason that that is their job. And they get emotionally involved, how could you not, it’s someone else’s life you’re handling. But to the world this is worth less than shoveling papers and juggling numbers.

These people are handling the doctors, lawyers and CEOs of “tomorrow”, they are even enabling the inhabitants of high-status trades to go to work. After all, it’s their children they are taking care of.

Now what could they be doing in their desk jobs that might be worth so much more than taking care of their own children for up to ten hours of the day, that the people who do shouldn’t be recipients of a paycheck represent of the importance of the job they do. Or is it simply that the job they do, taking care of other human beings, just isn’t of any importance?

Of course there’s also the feminist perspective to be added to this discussion, as these trades of recent tradition has been considered the field of women, whereas high status trades more often than not has been considered the fields of men. In Norway it has been suggested, and even tried, to increase the recruitment of men to these trades by offering newly educated male teachers a higher pay than that offered to their female counterparts. They’ve got the same education, they do the same job, they’ve been employed for the same amount of time.

Now, my final question, which is really a rhetorical one, in what world is this fair?

In what world is any of this fair?

On a side note, yes, indeed I am aware those are tulips, not daisies, but when was the last time you heard a song going “Hey Tulip, darling.”?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cathy Laws says:

    I like how you ended the blog, to be honest I sadly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between tulips and daisies haha.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Well, as long as they’re pretty and you don’t have an allergic reaction, the name’s not all that important 😉 Had to make a mention of it though, or you can be sure some of my friends would’ve messaged me on FB telling me off for getting the two “confused”. The song I’m referring to is by Karine Polwart, and one I do recommend having a listen to. It struck a chord with me upon first listen and inspired my actually writing this post.

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