Spring flick

Oh, I just can’t help myself, and I feel bad for doing this, but just for a while I’ve neglected my book to make a little tutorial for yous. Now, while the snow’s been coming down for the last couple of days, we have at times been able to glimpse a huge, round, yellow ball in the sky. This UFO emanates a lovely light, and a bit of warmth, and you know, I think I saw summat like it while in Ireland, that kept following us around the country. Or maybe the ball was so large we could see it wherever we went. After all, Ireland’s not that big. I asked some of our friends there about it. They called it “Sun”, and apparently it’s quite a rare phenomenon over there, and I am probably very lucky that my visits have coincided with the occurence.

SAMSUNG CSCAnyway, this big thingamajig reminds me of something else, other than visiting Ireland, and that’s Spring. So I had the urge to introduce yous to a little thing called “gel liner”. While there’s something oh-so-striking about the crisp, clean line from your regular liquid liner, sometimes you want something softer, and here’s where the gel-liner truly excels. I find that this effect is very well suited for a spring look, and a look inspired by Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. I don’t however want a full-on cat-eye liner, but more of a subtle, flirty flick. And this is where the equipment you use for application comes into the picture. I’ll attempt in the following to show you the difference between using a regular, slim eyeliner brush and an angled, flat brush. The results differ slightly, and while this might be caused by incompetence on my part let’s assume it isn’t, and by the end of this post, you’ll know which brush you’d prefer.

Now, make sure you’re sitting down, because this tutorial features – Are you comfortable? Take a deep breath, ’cause this might be a bit of a shock to you – several non-UD products! Ready? Let’s get going.

SAM_0772-1I’m so accustomed to wearing primer, I have to have it. This time, though, and you can use any eyeshadow primer you like, I’ve gone with UDPP in Greed. Well, I didn’t say this was to be a post without Urban Decay products altogether. I just want a bit of contouring and an even base colour, so from the Naked Basics Palette I’ve applied a mix of Foxy and W.o.S. all over the lid, from lashline to brows and at the inner corners. Then I went on to applying Naked2 to the crease and on the lower lashline. This creates depth, and subtly defines the lower lashline as well as making the eyes look bigger – I like to think so, anyways.

SAM_0807-1I’ve started with the regular brush. Picking up my gel-liner of choice, this one’s from Make Up Store in black, using my brush I first apply it to the back of my hand, rolling the bristles in the product to make sure they’re fully covered. Also, this heats up the product some more, causing it to soften. This step is of little importance, but I imagine it makes application easier and ensures an even distribution of product.

SAM_0814-1-1I’ve then applied it along the upper lashline, close to the lashes, thinning at the inner corner of the eye, and growing thicker as it nears the outer. To make sure I won’t have to put too much pressure on my brush, I’ve applied more product to the back of my hand and rolled my pencil in it. Yous might think of this a waste of product, and I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re not likely to hit pan on these things unless you use it on a daily basis and in copious amounts, and let’s face it, you’d probably be such a dapper at it by now that you would be skimming past this bit thinking it a waste of time. Right?

SAM_0819-1Now, the tricky part: Placement of the flick. I like to think of it as a slight extension of my lower waterline, and place the tip of my brush at an imagined point where I want my flick to end. I then draw it back towards the eye, blending it with my original line and evening out the transition.

SAM_0822-1Using the angled brush is pretty much the same thing, but I find it harder to get that flirty, rounded, upwards flick. Instead the result is an almost straight line. It doesn’t show up much in the pictures, but if you look closely one line is more angular than the other. I also find a need to go over the edges with a bit of my lid colour to even out stray colour from creasing during application. Also, I had to do some damage repair on the flick using that same brush, trying to align it with the angle of the liner on my left eye (picture right).  SAMSUNG CSCAfter application of mascara it hardly shows, but when scrutinizing your makeup in the mirror you might still find it annoying. After all, we are each our own worst critic.

SAMSUNG CSCThis, by no means indicates one technique of application is superior to the other. BUT. It which one’s better for you depends on the look you’re going for. Personally, for spring I’ll be using my angled brushes for filling in my brows. Now, to get on with the look. I’ve applied my Naked Skin Beauty Balm. This BB cream really doesn’t offer much coverage, but I like how it evens out my skintone slightly and lends a healthy glow to my face. A big part of the Holly Golightly-look, and also very much on-trend is brows. I’ve used Naked2 and Faint from the Naked Basics Palette to fill in and ever so lightly darken my brows. Holly Golightly’s arent very dark, after all, but they are full and groomed.

Clarins Instant Light Brush-on Perfector to lighten the under-eye area, and Venus applied to the inner corners of my eyes to finish off the eyes.

SAMSUNG CSCOnce upon a time, blush was my sworn enemy along with zits. I have two vivid pink spots on my cheekbones, just underneath the eyes that any and all makeup simply slides off, so as far as I was concerned, blush was a waste of money and time. I always had to bright roses in my face. They have, however, faded slightly, and while makeup still won’t stay put, not even UDPP, I now wear blush to liven up my face. I even use it with a smokey eye. For this look I’ve chosen the pink-peach blush that is Smashbox Airblush Whipped Cheek Colour in Dusty Rose. This turns out quite sheer on me, so using an angled blush brush and following the contours of my cheekbones, I’ve layered the colour for intensity. Using a duo-fiber brush I’ve also applied a light dusting of UDs Baked Bronzer at the edges of my face and in the hollows of my cheeks, blending it into Dusty Rose. All of this to aquire a natural flush and glow. I’m telling you, the whole “natural” look is by far more complicated and time-consuming than a smokey eye.

SAMSUNG CSCOn my lips I’m wearing a release from a previous year from Clarins; Rouge Hydra Nude in 02. The colour in the tube is best described as a peach or coral, but it translates to lips fairly translucent.

I’m also wearing Gueirlain’s Cils d’Enfer Mascara in Black.

As always all the colours can be substituted for others. Hope yous like it.


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