Another good reason as to why…

Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette is a must-have. I know I sound like I’m trying to sell this to yous, and while I’m not recieving any comissions, I probably should get a VIP discount or something, I mean, international shipping without the third party would be a huge benefit, based on 1. My collection of UD products, and 2. My raving about them.

So, while those are two really good reasons for UD to gift me with some benefits, I don’t really see that happening anytme soon and anyways, I digress, because I wanted to show you another look I did using the Naked Basics Palette. This time I’ve based it on their “Steal the look chart” for their promos of Naked Skin BB Cream.

As usual I started off with my UDPP in Eden, and applied the lightest colour on lid and brow-bone, in this instance, Walk of Shame. Next, using a small, rounded brush I applied Faint to the crease in a v-shape, pulling it slightly outwards at the outer corners, creating a cat-eye shape. Afterwards I used a larger brush to soften the edges.

SAM_0744-1To even out any harsh lines, and create a smoth transition I applied Naked2 atop the edges of Faint and blending it into W.O.S.. As always, the clue is to blend, blend blend. 

Using a small brush I then applied Crave at the outer half of my lower lashline, and blended with Faint, drawing the colour towards the inner corner of the eye.SAM_0738-1

Venus applied to the inner corner of the eye, and that’s all. If you like. I felt like doing some more, so I applied UD 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Perversion along 3/4 of the upper lashline, with a hint of a flick at the outer corners. Then I applied the same in Smog along the inner half, creating a gradual transtion between the shimmery khaki and the matte black.

SAM_0741-1I used Naked2 and Faint to fill in my brows. Other products used are Naked Skin Beauty Balm, Baked Bronzer, Lush Lash Mascara and Smashbox Image Factory Airblush Whipped Cheek Colour in Dusty Rose.


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