Rediscovering Oz

So I saw Oz – The Great and the Powerful this week, and me and a friend decided to go for the UD looks gong with the palettes. I got to do her makeup. Yay! Oh, and once more I noticed what a colourshifter the Theodora lipcolour is. This time, appearing less opaque and more orange than previous photos.

First thing I noted – The reason why Glinda’s look is so much softer and brighter in the movie than the look is, is very simple. The UD look seems to pull more on a 30s inspired look with more smokiness to it, and all in all seems to be based on the whole character of Glinda, rather than the look from the movie, which seems to be Aura, a darker version of Illusion and some liner. And falsies. Thick, full, falsies.

The movie? Liked it quite alot, actually. It’s light entertainment, and I think a lot of reviewers forget to consult thir inner children when reviewing movies like this. I haven’t done any research as to whom it is aimed at, but it’s Disney. My seven-year-old self would think Evanora and the flying baboons quite scary. And speaking of her… Spoiler alert! To read, mark the text. I loved the clipping and lighting of the last scene of the battle between her and Glinda. My seven-year-old self would also agree very much with my twenty-something self, and feel sorry for Theodora. She was pretty much just a pawn on the chessboard of greater players, and frightfully naive. As this is coming from the girl who wrote a paper on whether Gollum truly was evil or good, that probably doesn’t say much. Or maybe that’s why I’m in pedagogics, rather than psychology. 

All I know after watching Oz – the Great and the Powerful is this

– If I were to emulate the Glinda look, I think I’d go with Ardell’s Sweeteies or Babies. False lashes, that is. And go for Illusion al over the  moving lid.

– I want to see the original movie.

– Use less of Broken when emulating the Theodora look.

Now it’s back to the Northern Ireland conflict for me. I’m not much for politics, but the party offering 8 days a week, and 30-hour days with a Second Sunday inbetween Wednesday and Thursday would definetely have my vote.


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