Taking the day off – Putting my makeup on.

Still got that nasssty cold, so instead of attending a lecture where I’ll only be half-listening as I’m immersed in the book I’m reading under the table (still working on The Troubles), I’m taking the day off to get some laundry done, and completely immerse myself in a history of the Northern Ireland conflict

SAM_0636-1Now, as any good student would know, one needs to take breaks once in a while, so I’ve been working on my Theodora look. I’m planning on seeing Oz – The Great and Powerful in a couple of days, and geek that I am, I’m going with a style very much inspired by the Theodora palette. That is to say, I’ll not only be wearing the Theodora makeup look, but leather pants, white blouse… If I had a red hat, I’d probably be wearing that too.

SAM_0649-1A quick search took me to this interview with makeup artist Howard Berger who designed the makeup for the movie. They drew heavily on the ’30s for inspiration, as this was when the original film was made, and I’m not complaining. I love me a smokey eye, and I love me a red lip, and back in the days this combo was very legit, unlike today, where we’re encouraged to choose either a strong lip or a strong eyemakeup.

SAM_0648-1Doing this look, I’ve found that blending is essential, so I’ve used five different brushes for the eyemakeup. Other products used were UD’s Theodora palette, obviously, UDPP in Eden, Naked Skin BB, Lush Lash Mascara, Baked Bronzer, and a wee bit of Naked2 from the Naked Basics palette for filling in my brows and some light contouring. What d’yous reckon? Can I pull off the Theodora look?

SAM_0639-1Oh, and please ignore the purple top. I don’t dress fashionably for lounging on the sofa.


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  1. All I can say is – wow! It looks exactly like Theodora, except the eyes are slightly less smoky. That lip color looks great on you as well!

  2. sirilovise says:

    Thanks, Kayla. Considering the way Mila Kunis rocks a s/e, I’ll consider that a huge compliment. Maybe I’ll go a tad darker on the lower lid for the movie, then 😉 Having read ten different reviews, including yours, all saying pretty much the same thing, I figured I’d be wanting to have a little bit more fun going in to the movie to compensate for the rather poor perfomances, and just enjoy all the lovely colours, the makeup, and the company.

    1. You shouldn’t have any problems then! Enjoy the movie!

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