Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


Hope yous had a great day.

Personally, I’ve been ill with a nasty cold since wednesday, and after volleyball practice, writing an exam, work, and two days of celebrating I’ve finally capitulated and resigned to the sofa, rather than attending another concert in a stuffy, noisy room where I wasn’t even likely to find a seat.

So I figured it was time to enjoy the little things once more. Like a long nap, chips and candy, old tv-series and pictures from Ireland.

When visiting friends in Waterford, I was awoken several times in the early hours of morning by the sound of wings beating against the window pane. I hoped it would cease and tried to get in some more shuteye. After a couple of hours more and a shower, I remembered the nightly noises from the window, and there I saw this little fella, trapped, and probably, resigned. I took a couple of pictures and carried him outside, placing him on the lovely roses just outside the door. Only then did I think to photograph him some more. Hoping he’d stay put, I ran back into the room I shared with a friend and grabbed my camera. The butterfly must have been fairly exhausted, because it was still there. I got a few close-ups, although the roses were stirring quite a lot in the wind, and another one of those little things called memories to treasure on days when I’m not feeling inclined to go anywhere near the door.


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