Subtle Green

Soooo sorry I haven’t had the time to post. I’ve been busy writing an exam in quantitative methods. Now that’s statistics. Anyway, I intend to wear a neutral eye for Sunday 17th, that’s St. Patrick’s day, based on this lovely tutorial from Love Thing. But. I’ve got my own little twist, that I picked up from a hairdresser who did my hair and makeup for her exam.

SAM_0560-1It’s really a very subtle, lovely trick for incorporating a bit of colour into an everyday look. I’ve used Make Up Store’s Mixing Liquid, as this is really good, both for transforming your powder products to liquids, but also because it enhances the metallick shimmer of my favourite green. For this kind of look, that is. It’s the shade “Amazonas” from MUS’s Eyedust line. Yes, in fact I have got brands in my stash other than Urban Decay. Speaking of, I do think you can use Loaded to a similar effect, but one of the things I enjoy about Amazonas is the loose consistency, meaning I don’t risk getting the product in the pan wet, and the green becomes very pronounced.

SAM_0558-1If you haven’t got a Make Up Store anywhere nearby, I know Too Faced has got something similar, and I think UD’s got one too. I’ve also heard of people using lens fluid for the same purpose, and of course, you could just use plain ol’ water, but I don’t reckon it’ll have the same staying power. But anyways, whatever you do. whatever you’ve got, the point of it all is just to have fun, play around with makeup, and enjoy yourselves.


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