Green Smoke

St. Patrick’s may seem like nothing more than an excuse to drink, just like Valentine’s has become a way for The Man to make us buy hearts and chocolates and the like. To me, it’s about having fun with my friends and playing music, and I’ve been doing so for the past eight years. Regardless of your reasons for celebrating, or if your just looking for a colourful smokey eye, here’s another tutorial in preparation of me favourite hoSAM_0526-1liday.

This one’s similar to the easy smokey eyes of last week, only I’m using more colours. All Urban Decay, one being the shimmery dark green Loaded, and the rest are Broken and Jealous from the Theodora palette.

Same procedure as always; clean face and UDPP Eden all over. Broken applied from crease to brows. Like with the easy smokey eyes, I’ve applied Zero along the upper lashline and smudged it. I’ve then applied the lightest green all over the lid and blended it into the crease. Looking at these picures, I find there’s a bit of a gold shift to this shade. Me like.SAM_0529-1

SAM_0537-1I’ve created a cat-eye shape, using Loaded and blended it into the crease. For some reason all of these photos turned out blurry, but no matter. It’s pretty much just using the various colours to blend and create a gradient from light to dark, or vice versa, if you prefer.

Black liner smudged under the lower lashline, and the lightest Jealous atop it all. L Loaded at the outer corner, and the darker green of Jealous to fuse it all together. Zero along the upper lashline, or any other blanck liner, depending on the desired effect and Broken, or like with the other green tutorial a frostier shade, like Verve at the inner corner.

You know the drill; Brows, mascara, cleanup, foundation, etc…SAM_0538-1

Hope yous like it.


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