Going For Gold On Saint Patrick’s Day

First up of my looks for the coming weekend, is a green-and-gold, using the lovely Theodora palette.

As usual I start with a clean face and UDPP in Eden. I LOVE that primer, as it doubles as a concealer. Ok, so it’s not that heavy and thick, but it’s great for evening out the skin on my eyes, some light under-eye concealing, and as a base for concealing or at the very least toning down bruises and the like.

SAM_0494-1 A dusting of Broken from the crease and up to the brows. This will make the blending easier. Sorry ’bout the blur :s

SAM_0500-1I’ve applied 24/7 eyeliner in mildew along the lash line and smudged it into the lashes and slighty upwards. Using a flat brush, I’ve applied the gold of Spell halfway across the lid from the inner corner. Using the same brush I’ve applied the darkest Green of Jealous from the outer corner, blending into the gold towards the inner corner. Eventually, the green covers 3/4 of my moving lid. Also, I’ve blended it slightly into the crease. Taking the ligher shade of green on the same brush I’ve evened out any hard edges along the crease. Re-application of Mildew.

SAM_0509-1 Using a small brush I’ve applied the black of spell to the outer lid and crease in a V-shape. This helps create more depth and darkens the colour. I’ve then softened the lines once more using the lightest green shade. I feel I’ve lost some of the intensity of the green on the lid, so I’ve patted some more on using the same flat brush.SAM_0516-1

For the under-eye, I’ve smudged a line of Mildew along the lash line and Zero at the outer corner, using the greens to gradually fade the colours into each other as well as creating a fading effect underneath.

For the inner corner I’ve used a blend of Broken, the gold and the lightest green, but I’m thinking, for the big day, I might go for a frostier, lighter shade to brighten, the way I did with the previos smokey eyes.

SAM_0522-1Concealer, mascara, brows, foundation and the lot. All set.

Come to think of it, if I were going to dress up as Leetah from Elfquest, for whatever insane and crazy reason, I’d probably do something like this for the eye makeup. Seeing as you won’t be seeing me in that outfit anytime soon, enjoy the prequel over at Boing boing. We should be getting another page today.


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