I don’t make a secret of my celebrating St Patrick’s day, even though I’m not Irish. I wear green, I play Irish traditional music, and I hang out with anyone who will join me for one of my fave holidays of the year.

This one time, at band-camp… When in Nicaragua we got together a whole lot of us and threw the first, and probably best, St. Patrick’s day celebration the city had seen. «We» being some Norwegian girls, an Irish lass and a local bar-owner and her band. In spite of my performance the whole shenanigan turned out a huge success, and it’s definetely one of those memories that I’ll treasure when I’m so old people have finally stopped asking me what I think my tattoos will look like when I’m older, and telling me I’ll regret them.

Anyways, this year I’ll be celebrating St. Paddy’s all weekend. Friday we’ll be dancing to covers of the songs by The Pogues, The Dubliners and the rest of that lot, playing good ole’ Irish rock music. Saturday will hopefully be spent dancing my feet off in some pub or other. Sunday there’s a session. And there might be sessions inbetween. So! That’s three days and they call for at the very least three different looks.

All of which I intend to share with yous lovely people who takes the time to visit me wee blog here during the week. Stay tuned.


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