Quick tutorial – Smokey eyes

A friend of mine sent me a promo-shot of Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars, telling me she wanted to know how to do that, indicating the smudged liner underneath Hale’s eyes. Of course I’m just too lazy to get the original photo, but know that it inspired the two versions of what is basically the same quick and easy smokey eye.

This is also a good example of how you can, especially for smokey eyes, just substitute the colour and use the same technique.

Eyeshadows are from Urban Decay’s Theodora, Glinda and Naked2 palettes. UD Primer Potion in Eden, UD 24/7 liner in Zero, UD Lush Lash Mascara , Clarins Eclat Minute used under-eye.

For the left eye (my right, picture left): Broken, Tornado, Bootycall.

For the right eye (you get the picture): Broken, West, Beware, Verve.

I used the same method for both eyes, only difference being adding Beware to the crease of the picture right eye.

Out of habit I applied Eden all over my lids, and a teensy bit on my lower lids.


Apply eyeliner in a thick… uhm… line along your upper lashes and smudge with fingertips.

Apply a light dusting of a pale colour of your own choosing from crease to brow. I recommend using one with a matte or satin finish.

Whether you prefer using a brush or ypur fingers, apply your dark colour of choice on the moving lid, keeping it darkest at the lashline and outer corner, and allowing it to fade almost as it reaches the inner corner of the eye. Soften the crease.

SAM_0468-1Here you might want to use a lighter colour. I’ve kept this one simple though, so only added a touch of Beware to the crease of the right eye.

Apply liner underneath 3/4 of the eye, starting at the outer corner, thnning as you near the inner. smudge with fingetips and apply your dark colour on top of it. Dust a shimmery colour at the inner corner of the eye, blending into the darker colour.

SAM_0476-1Use a light hand and apply a touch of liner under 2/3 of the eye, again starting slightly thicker at the outer corner and thinning.


Apply mascara and the rest of your face and you’re good to go.

Simples!SAM_0477-1 SAM_0478-1


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