Bewitched by Theodora

I suppose this review for Urban Decay’s Theodora palette is waaay overdue.

Obviously, I’m in love with the Theodora Super-Saturated High-Gloss Lipcolour, and the way it shifts between orange- and bluetoned. Yup, I find it shifts depending on the lighting, and it’s definetely one of my HG reds (as I can wear it without any other makeup). Haven’t gotten ’round to play much with this one, been lazy and slightly depressed awaiting my exams results. Yup, I’m blaming everything on these last three weeks.

Anyways, like Glinda, Theodora also comes with a classic 24/7 eyeliner, Zero. A super-soft, super-silky, super-everything-you-want-from-a-black-pencil-liner. And a “get the look” chart. I’m having a bit of trouble getting mine as smokey as that of Mila Kunis as Theodora, but that girl workes a smokey eye like no other, and I’ve subdued my version, keeping in mind my nearsightedness and need for glasses. I’m also a bit disappointed that this “Get the look” only makes use of the neutral colours, whereas only Oz remained untouched for the Glinda-look.

The colours? Super! If you’ve got the Nakeds you’ve got shades that I suppose are similar to the browns, I’m too excited and picky about nuances to bother. Although I had to check West with Roach. West is less frosted, with a darker undertone and less red. Beware might be comparable to buck, but it seems slightly redder. Broken is the perfect base/highlighter shade, as it’s a creamy, soft, satiny cream shade, If you’re fair-skinned and just want to even out the tone of your lids, a dusting of this baby should do the trick. Bewitch is jut lovely, and great for deepening the crease.

I’ve got a lot of experimenting to do with this palette, and I’m really looking forward to it. I expect Jealous will feature prominently in at least one of my St. Patrick’s weekend looks, for which I’m hoping to do some tutorials next week.

Urban Decay’s Build Your Own palettes travel well in my opinion, they’re sturdy, compact… only the Oz-palettes are prettier. And the colours are limited edition and comes in gold pans rather than silver.

Which one you should choose if you can’t have both depends very much on your own preferences. Both can be used for neutral looks, but you’ll achieve darker looks with the Theodora palette, whereas Glinda is subtler, and creating a smoldering look would take a bit more work, though I’m sure it can be done.

If you’re new to makeup, though, you’ll have a pretty good sterter-kit with Theodora, as it contains some great basics: black liner, red lip colour, highlighting colour, matte brown, satiny browns and a couple of more daring colours (gold, glittering black, greens).

This has turned out mostly blather, as I’m still giddy from the great news I got earlier, but I do hope it’s been helpful to some of yous, contemplating which palette to splurge your hard-earned money for.

Ta ta for now.


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