The perfect red lipstick.

Some days on the bus, I’ll see an elderly lady who’s always smiling, always carrying herself with grace, and always have her hair in an impeccable updo. That’s growing old gracefully. I had a chat with her once, and she was really nice and polite by the by, commenting on her good looks and how I loved the way she seemed to make an effort every day with her looks before braving the windy outside world. I hope I can grow old like that.

Now me, I love me a bold lip for everyday use, as well as “going out”, and I’ve noticed that I smile a lot more when wearing bold lipcolour. This , more often than not, results in people noticing my bold lip me, and my smile, and returns the smile. It’s just something about an unexpected pop of colour (around here, and for everyday wear, that seems to be considered unexpected) that cheers you up and brightens your day.

And the perfect red lip is the one you can wear alone, without foundation, bronzer, mascara, whatevs (ok, a touch of undereye brightener, and DO take the time to define your brows, as they can make a huge impact and are key to framing your face).

Anyways, here’s me and my newest bold lippie: UD Super-saturated High Gloss lip colour in Theodora (I suspect it to be F-bomb renamed). Nevermind the hair, just came in after braving a cold wind that almost had my lashes freezing together as my eyes started watering.

SAM_0384-1 Hadn’t even bothered doing my brows and forgot to smile. Shame on me… Anyways, aside from that, I’m thinking this might be a “Perfect red” candidate.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in comments 😉


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  1. The red really makes your eyes pop, even without mascara! I might have to get a closer look at this one for myself.

    1. sirilovise says:

      It’s a tricksy little thing, this one. I’ve seen several swatches done by others, and have done some myself, and it’s strange how it sometimes seem to lean blue, sometimes orange. On my lips, especially in daylight, I sometimes find it’s a little bit of both. Also, If it’s as I believe F-bomb renamed, a friend of mine whose colouring completely differs from mine wears it and loves it. Oh, and on her it leans blue. So, yes, you should definetely have a look for yourself. And I do recommend getting the Theodora palette, because you get a lot of value for your money, the colours are supersoft, and… And I really should do a review of the whole palette , and I will later. Kayla, it’s lovely, go have a look.

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