A Cod Masquerade?

Got this from a local online newspaper.

This fashionable cod, caught outside the Lofoten islands, is having scientists scratching ther heads, as obviously this is quite an unusual colour for said species. According to the article, researcher Bjørn Olav Kvamme believes the case to be a lack of red pigment, as the combination of red and yellow pigments cause the speicies it’s usual brown colour.

What do you reckon? Early April’s Fools? The Michael Jackson of cods? A mutation due to environmental changes, or maybe an escapee from commercial breeding stocks (there have been cases of so called monster-fish escaping from farming stocks)? Or simply a cod masquerading as an aquarium fish?



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  1. segmation says:

    What a neat shot of yellow! Have you ever given thought to the most common yellow pigments you’ll use when painting?

    1. sirilovise says:

      Not really, as I don’t paint much. I’m more concerned with the pigmentation of my makeup :p I’m rather curious, though, whether there’s a lot more of those party-cods around, and increasing, or if this is a rarity.

      1. segmation says:

        I hope that there are more of those party-cods around! http://www.segmation.wordpress.com

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