Do you believe in magic? Pt. 2

Got a little something in the mail this week as well. Before my exambreakdown I did a little post on my earrings  by Sihaya Designs. Well, while writing that little piece I fell in love with another item from her store. Christina was kind enough to reserve it for me and add an extension piece, and as always the package arrived quickly and wrapped in a manner that makes you forget all about your local jewellers or Tiffany’s or whatever. The care she puts, not only into her handiwork, but the wrapping makes you feel treasured and special.

Have you seen Confessions of a Shopaholic? I don’t remember wether this part was in the book, but you know that scene in which Rebecca Bloomwood’s contemplating buying a green scarf?

SAM_0362The point about this scarf is that it would become part of a definition of your… Of your psyche. Do you see what I mean? No, I do. Keep talking.

It would make your eyes look bigger. Mmm… It would make my haircut look more expensive. You’d wear it with everything. It would be an investment.

You would walk into that interview confident.

– Confident.

– And poised.

– Poised.

-The girl in the green scarf.

The green scarf, please.

That’s how I feel about this necklace. I can wear it with anything. And the chain is exquisite. It has a vintage feel to it that I love. I wore it to work today, and it was the frst thing one of my colleagues noticed about me.

SAM_0372If I lived in Middle-Earth, I’d probably wear something like Arwen Unómiel’s pendant. Living in the our world, I prefer something more… wearable. Like this. And I’ll definetely be investing in more timeless pieces like it.

And did I mention? It goes perfectly with the Glinda palette. It’s pure, simple, everyday magic.



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