Do you believe in magic?

After having tried Urban Decay’s Glinda palette I sure do. Wow!


Last week was bad. Forget about crying in the shower bad. I mean crying yourself to sleep ever night AFTER having spent the last three hours lying on the bathroom floor alternately crying and hyperventilating. THAT’s how bad my nerves were, pending my exam this past Monday. Don’t know the results yet, but for better or worse, it’s over for now.

And just to add insult to injury there was noone around to comfort or distrac t me, because the bf was off in London with his family. For several reasons, I couldn’t go, but I gave him a list of must-haves and lust-haves in the event that he should get the opportunity to go looking. He visited more than 20 different stores trying to find everything. He didn’t, but the things he found and handed  to me, along wih a box of chocolates from Harrods almost had me jumping through the roof. This was Tuseday night, by the way, so obviously my curve on the happy-scale soared.

What did he get? Lemsip, my essential cleanser, Cetaphil, UD Lush Lash system and must-have UD’s Oz the great and powerful palette in Theodora. A practical palette with some lovely neutrals. Only, I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet because ho also got the lust-have palette Glinda for me.

Now, I’ve wanted both since I first heard mention of them during Christmas, and while I adore browns, the shimmery peach of Illusion appealed to me, and I’m always on the lookout for a good purple that doesn’t apply brown with a hint of plum on me or worse, appears to be a blackeye no matter how I apply it, and Tornado seemed a good candidate. And then there was South. Judging by the promos (and now that I’ve seen it n person) somebody told my fave go-to smokey eyeshadow Gunmetal to behave. Meaning it’s a light pewter with a slight, barely perceptible green tinge that I LOVE. Like Gunmetal, though, it’s also got a bit of glitter that falls out when blending.

These three were the only colours, though, that really made me want this. And the design. And like a friend of mine said:

Whenever are you going to find a use for a purple eyeshadow?

Ummm… Now? The palette comes with a travel-sized 24/7 eyeliner (they’re GENIOUS) in Rockstar (dark plum), a Super saturated high-gloss lipcolour in Glinda (i think it’s really Naked renamed for the occasion) and a get the look chart.

SAM_0378Do you believe in magic? It’s sold at UD counters. The first day I wore this, I chose it over Theodora beacause I wanted a discrete, fresh look, as I was doing a presentation. And then I discovered I’d forgotten my trusty primer. It’s been ages since I wore e/s without a sticky base to make sure it doesn’t crease, and I didn’t want to take any chances. Up my Clarins Eclat Minute and a quick dusting of Illusion up to the brow bone, where I blended it with Walk of Shame. Other than that, and using 24/7 liquid liner in Smog for lining the upper lid, I followed the instructions. I went straight into my bf’s bedroom exclaiming “I look magically pretty! Magically!”

It get’s better, though. I had volleyball practice later that day, and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t bother taking my makeup off before practice. Now that’s a lot of stress and quite a bit of stress. Even so, looking in the mirror afterwards, the magic was still there. Had a session to get to, though, so in the shower I go and off with the makeup. Didn’t really plan to do anything for my makeup after that, but I couldn’t help myself. had fetched my primer in the meantime, though. A light dusting of Illusion all over and South in the crease. On goes the mascara, and I’m off. Only… Once more, magically prettfied. Even had to call a friend to tell her about the stuff.

Seriously. It’s MAGIC.

And by the way, the only colours I haven’t gotten ’round to trying is the frosted antique gold and silvery blue duo that’s OZ. YET.

And I still haven’t learned to keep things short. Sorry ’bout the lack of swatches. They didn’t do the colours justice.


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