The Quest for the Holy Grail

For those of you who are avid readers of everything related to Arthurian lore, I’m sorry if I’ve misled you, but I’m not referring to the Holy Grail. But now that you’re here, I might interest you in another quest for Holy Grails? That is to say, the Holy Grails of makeup.

Everyone and anyone who’s into makeup is usually on a quest for one or the other. The magical product that does it all. I think I’ve found a few that works out for me, and I promise, I’ll let you in on my HG products one by one. I’ve already told you about some of them, in my post on primers (see Making it last and UDPP) and the  lifesaving, magical goo in a red tube from Dr. Lucas. We’re always on the lookout for something better, that’s why we keep trying different foundations, powders, mascaras and whatnots, foundation and mascara being the most elusive HGs of all, I suppose.

I can’t claim to have found the HG foundation, yet, but I’ve had some mascaras in my keeping, some less impressive than others.

As my count of years have grown, so has my expectations, meaning eyeshadow from H&M? Not on my watch. I have however over the years, and in no particular order, tried Maybelline, Collection 2000, IsaDora, Clinique, Max Factor, Urban Decay, YSL, L’Oreal, Dior, Guerlain, Kicks, Make Up Store, Smashbox…. So while I can’t claim to be an expert, I’ve tried enough mascaras to claim the right to share my opinion.

The last L’Oreal mascara I tried was sent to me in order to test and respond by means of a questionnaire before launch. Thnk it was telescopic, and while I did enjoy it upon applying, got nice volume and curl, this didn’t last from application to the busstop in the morning, and by the time I was done at work, my mascara was done for, smudged and flaked all ’round my eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, I try to avoid buying from companies that test on animals, but if you’re going to test on animals, in spite of this being a pointless method entirely, the very least you could do is offer up a quality product. The goes for Max Factor.

It’s been years since the last time I bought Maybelline and IsaDora, I tried Max Factor recently (two years ago, in an emergency), and quickly got rid of the evidence. Animal testing being the main reason. Failure to deliver the other. I have tried several Clinique mascaras with fairly good results. That just wouldn’t hold through a light snowfall. Where I’m at, that ain’t gonna fly. I’ve also tried their mascara formulas that’s supposed to come off with luke warm water, with fairly good results and staying power, but I’m not one for the natural look. I want length and volume, and so I moved on. The old Big Fatty by UD worked well enough I suppose, but never made fave status. I think I tried both waterproof and regular formula, and in each their way they were a nightmare to take off.

Until recently, my all time fave has been Drama Mascara from Makeup Store but, for several reasons, this has proven hard for my to come by, so I’ve tried some other brands.

Had a go at Kick’s volume mascara, and got an allergic reaction, before trying a luxurious golden tube of the rose-scented (Whoever wants for their lashes to smell of roses? Really??) black wonder from YSL in the shape of their Effet faux cils Shocking. Most reviewers found the results to be shocking, as they either found it to clump their lashes (because they didn’t wipe off the excess before application, most like), while the rest had fab results until it started flaking. I had fab results for a month. Then the search was on again, as the product started flaking. A lot. Anyways, you don’t want your mascara to take five mins to apply. It should be done in five swipes.

Enter another tube of scented product, and one deserving of a post all to itself. Here’s a hint though: French brand.

What is it with the French and perfumes?


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