Some more on the little things

coffeeIt’s Saturday and I have the day off. Time to appreciate the little things some more, such as sitting in the sofa and having some coffee and chocolates for dessert (Don’t judge. If hobbits can have two breakfasts, then I can have dessert in the middle of the day.), while the BF sits next to me playing WoW and The Librarian’s on in the background. Yup, two geeks as found each other.

For a blog on makeup, I’m not doing much writing on makeup, am I? On the other hand, makeup’s alot about changing your appearance and feeling good about yourself on a day-to-day basis. And appreciating the little things in life is all a part of that.

Happy weekend.

PS! Ordered another piece of jewelry from Sihaya Designs  that I found when I did that little piece on Christina’s store before. A lovely little pendant this time. That girl’s got talent. If you haven’t visited her store yet you, really should shouldn’t, because she’s got some really good stuff that you won’t find at your regular jewellers’. 


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