Making it last

Thought I’d do a post in honour of Valentine’s, so here’s a little something on making it last. As I’m no expert on love and relationships, I’ll leave that one to Betty White or some other funny, cool and witty person with a little more experience.

What I do know something about, though, is makeup. For lack of anything better to write about some Norwegian women’s mag post every month without fail an article about primers, either in the magazine itself or on their website, and every month I roll my eyes heavenward in a way that could rival a scene from The Exorsist. And when they can’t go any further back in my head I remember that not everybody’s into makeup as much as I am, meself.

Though I still don’t like their articles.

Top left: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (face). Bottom left: Smasbox Photo Finish Lid Primer. L-R: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden, Sin and Greed.

Primers are baseproducts (that means they go underneath the rest of your makeup). Face primers often promise to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines and shine, lip primers too often promises to reduce the appearance of lines, but most importantly, they help keeping your makeup in place. I haven’t got any lip primers, meself, but I’ve got a samplesize one from Smashbox and another from Clarins. They work okay, I suppose, but as any other products I use they slide right off two pink spots on my cheeks. I swear, NOTHING sticks. But I’m digressing. Thing about me and face primers is, if I really need for my makeup to withstand anything I use a facemist to fixate. Guess I’ll have to get back to you on that one? And so I don’t know how well they work. Now, if you’ve tested a primer, you’ve probably noted they’ve often got a weird consistensy of slippery smoothness along with some sticky. Well, they’re loaded with silicones. Just so you know.

A step i never ever ever omit in my routine. Ever. Is eyeprimer. I hate spending time and money on eyeshadows, and then upon applying find that half the product winds up underneath my eyes, on top of my chhekbones, emphasizing my slightly dark circles, and the other half creases before I leave the house, and to top it off, after 30 minutes of hard work (patting, blending, gently pressing, you name it) didn’t even come off true to pan.

Eye primer takes care of all that. And makes it easier to blend the colours as well (you’ll remember how we took our fluffy brushes and evened out any lines between that fair shade of e/s and the darker one – blending).

There are umpteen brands of primers, any brand with a smidgen of respect for themselves should have released one by now. My first venture into this little wonder was a pot of silky stuff by Art Deco that I borrowed from my friend V. I was hooked. Since then I’ve tried Estée Lauder (sample dried out quickly), Smashbox, Too Faced  and (don’t give me that exasperated look) Urban Decay.

primer 1
L-R: Smashbox PFLP, UDPP in Eden, Sin, Greed.

I’ve tried all four incarnations of their Primer Potion, and have found my definite favourites. The Original looks a light, peachy beige, but when smoothed out (wash your hands and use your ringfingers for application), turns sheer. Greed looks gold, but on my lids it becomes sheer with only a bit of shimmer. If I want a heavy-duty shimmery look, I’ll apply the light silver-pink Sin in two layers (if only for a brightening effect I’ll use one, and add a little bit underneath the eyes as well) and get to work. For daily use, however I prefer the beige Eden, as it evens out the blue and red on my lids in addition to being a great primer. It has got a tendency to crease upon application, so I’ll usually take one of my base shadows to the crease immediately, just to set it.

The Smashbox one did do a good job as well, and like Eden evened out the colour on my lids. Problem is, it dries out my lids, so I started flaking. I might mention that they’ve released a brightening, moisturising under-eye primer, so if you’ve got very dark circles or dry skin,

L-R: Smashbox PFLP, UDPP in Eden, Sin, Greed. Heavily swatched, daylight, no blitz.
L-R: Smashbox PFLP, UDPP in Eden, Sin, Greed. Heavily swatched, daylight, no blitz.

that might be worth trying out.

Too Faced is usually considered equal to UD’s, and having tried the original versions of both, my preference of UD has a lot to do with consistency and packaging. TF’s slightly more runny, and I just didn’t like the packaging.

This turned out longer than I expected, so I’ll just wrap it up now and leave fixation and setting for later.


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  1. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The total glance of your site is magnificent, as smartly as the content!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thank you. I had a go at it about four years ago, but didn’t like the layout, didn’t have much to say, and didn’t really take the time for it. Used my native language as well for writing, which ironically doesn’t come to me as naturally as English. That one died quickly. Now, however, I just chose a theme and started writing. Havng a good camera with easy ops for transferring’s a big motivator too, and friends that follows the blog. As I’m currently learning to use my camera, having a blog I “have” to get good pictures for is a motivator for learning too. I guess learning to blog and learning to photograph is a process that for me goes hand in hand. So, hopefully, as the blog progresses my skills as a writer and photographer will too 🙂

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