Make it out to “Someone Special”

murphysNow, while some people apparently make a big deal of Valentine’s, and how it’s so special and should be shared with that special someone, I don’t. I believe in making every day special, wether that means writing a letter to someone far away, sharing a bit of chocolate during a lecture, calling someone you haven’t seen in a long time because, judging by their latest update on faceache, they need someone to talk to, or giving a boquet of flowers just because you felt like doing it. Or having a Murphy’s ice cream.

Now, while don’t mean any offence to St. Valentine, I don’t think buying a box of chocolate and red and pink heartshaped confetti and a bunch of balloons is any way to celebrate love or whatever, and how Cupid in a diaper got into the mix, beats me! And I don’t think it’s worth reading about for a month in advance. I mean you, Cosmo, Glamour, Woman, Det Nye, and I’m not impressed by your lack if inventiveness and imagination, writing about the same stuff every year, telling couples how to celebrate together and singles how to be single on February 14th. We already know this.

I’ve no intention of buying something, paying extra, just because it’s wrapped up in heart-patterned paper or red foil. I’ll have the usual, regular no-hearts version, and please don’t get any of that confetti in my coffee, thankyouverymuch. Paddywagon tours posted a lovely picture on faceache the other day, and I’ve got to say, I heartily agree!

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  1. Anne says:

    I think we should go back to Dublin and have some Murphy’s……

    1. sirilovise says:

      They’ve created a new taste and added a wee bit of Dingle Seasalt… It’s called “Butterscotch”.

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