Where can I get that?

If, like me, you live someplace which is considered to be a metropolis or cosmopolitan in some regard or other, but equals the last chance saloon makeup-wise, meaning there isn’t a lot of choice and the sales assistants persists in selling you that useless Chanel eyeshadow that just won’t apply or the Dior powder that emphasises every pore or insists on that tinted moisturizer that makes you itch is a Beauty Balm, fear not! There is hope! It’s called “The Internet”.

Shocker, huh?

If I can’t go to Ireland to get my kicks, and Kicks (cosmetics store) just won’t do (I’ll tell you all about my experience there with a Dior so-called Makeup Artist when I get ’round to contouring), I’ll have to resort to the world wide web. Usually this means




But have a care when ordering online. Norway’s got a customs limit of a ridiculous 200 NOK. Which means if your order exceeds this limit you’ll have to pay 25% extra in taxes in addition to a fee to whatever company declares your goods upon arrival in Norway, usually “Posten”. Got to love bureaucracy!


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