Simply the best!


For once I’m not referring to Urban Decay (but look how I still cleverly managed to mention my fave brand anyway), but my all-time fave cartoon, or the writer, to be precise. Just got in from practice and saw this lovely post on their faceache wall:

Elfmom here: Frequently I get comments and messages from (mostly) female fans of color saying that the Sun Folk mean a lot to them because Elfquest is one of the very few fantasy worlds that acknowledges dark skin tones. I just want you to know we didn’t create the Sun Folk to be politically correct. Back in the late 70s that term didn’t even exist. The Sun Folk are dark-skinned because it’s a logical adaptation. Plus – and this is far more important says the self-indulgent artist 🙂 – I just happen to think it’s damn beautiful. I always have.


She’s brilliant, and I do feel her comics are underrated. Haven’t read them yet? Head on over to The lovely folks at WaRP Graphics (Wendy and Richard Pini) has made it all available online, so get to it.


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