What’s in a name?


I wanted the name of my blog to refer to my old fashioned handwriting, for which, when time allows, I often use ink and dip pen. Ah, the nostalgia! (Ok, so I’m really a bit of an eccentric.) And also, of course, my addiction to makeup. Unfortunately all my good ideas, and suggestions made by friends, were taken. Either by tattoo parlours or companies making wedding designs.

That’s when I remembered standing in a touristpub in Dublin, jotting down songrequest, hoping the band would know at least one. The singer did, but with another band.

Anyhow… As I hadn’t got a pen handy (or quIll), and my friend couldn’t find hers I found myself scribbling in my old fashioned writing that only a handful of modern humanbeIngs can decipher on a piece of paper using my UD liner (in oil slick, if anyone should be interested).

And thus I give you scribbled with liner.


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