Do I need this?

My last visit to The Green Isle was with a friend I hadn’t seen for ages. I’d planned out some events for us, one of them being a visit to the Urban Decay counter at Debenhams. Creds to the girls there for keeping up with me running around their small place saying “I need this” , “I want that” and “When will you be getting the Smoked palette???”. They did a good job on helping my friend choose some products for herself. I’d had a slightly hard time doing so, because I think they’ve got so many great products. Thing about my friend is, she’s not the kind of lass that wears 1kg of makeup everyday. She’s moe into the bare necessities. And so she asked “Do I need this?”

The real answer is “No.” We should all embrace our inner beauty, and aknowledge the characteristics that make you different and outwardly beautiful in your own way. But us girls are a mean lot, and the one person we should be taking the best care of is the person we smack down the most. Got a mirror handy? Pick it up. See that person staring back at you. That’s who.

Having said all that, what is the point of a blog about makeup if you don’t use any of it? Well, I use it all the time. I love changing my day-to-day appearance. In fact, my daytime face is moer often than not somebody else’s look for going out. So in honour of my slightly more sensible friend, makeup-wise, whom I promised to share some of my in-depth knowledge of the world of brushes, creams and powders, here’s my first ever tutorial.

Here’s the basics. An eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, mineral foundation, bronzer, cream blush, mascara, concealer, brow pencil, a brush for applying foundation, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, an eyeshadow brush with shorter, stiffer bristles, and an angeled brush. Oh, and my hero, Pawpaw.

ImageI prefer to do my eyemakeup first. This to make cleaning up fallout easy, and to save time if I’m not happy with the end results. I’ve applied a primer, one of the things I’ll get back to in another post. When it comes to neutral colours, UD’s made it simple for newbies as well as veterans, creating The Naked Basics, a palette with five matte colours and one shimmery, You should substitute with any colour that suits you, but for this first step, use one thats similar to your own skin tone. Here I’ve used the fluffy e/s brush and dusted Walk of shame all over my lid.

Naked2 applied to crease

Next, using the shorter bristled brush, I applied a slightly darker shade to the crease, to mimic the shadow created by a slanted beam of light from above. This workes to deepen the crease, and with the lighter colour on my lid makes my eyes appear larger. This technique is known as contouring.

So really, you just need two shades. One light for the lid, and one darker for the crease. That’s it. Now pick up the fluffy brush and soften the lines between the dark shade and the light, just brush back and forwards, ’till it ll blends together.

ImageI like to do a bit more though, junkie that I am. So I like to apply a bit of shimmery shadow just below the arch of my brows and at the inner orner of the eye. A bit of brightening concealer, I’ve finally admitted that my UD one’s a bit heavy for undereye, and substituted it for a lighter brightener by Clarins. Some mascara. I might just have got a holy grail in my hands, here, but it’ll need some more testing. Stay tuned!

I’ve really got to work on those self portraits, because this looks a bit scary.

Now for the rest of the stuff. Dust on your foundation of choice. I like a bit of mineral foundation just to even out my skin tone. If you like, skip the bronzer. I prefer to apply it lightly to the hollow of my cheeks and my temples to slim down my face (contouring again) and add a subtle warmth, and ever so lightly round my hairline. Using my fingers I’ll smooth on some cream blush (or powder, it all depends), and using an eyebrow pencil or a matte eyeshadow (like Faint that I’ve used here) and a slanted brush, fill in your brows.

This is a look that works well for daytime, and with a bold lipstick or a simple gloss. Here I’m wearing my beloved Pawpaw ointment. The process of contouring the eyes that I’ve shown here is the basis of most of my looks.

It’s a good tip to apply your makeup in daylight, or if that’s not possible make sure you’ve still got good lighting, and always take a step back to have a look at the overall results and check if everything’s even.


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